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Digital Video Door Phone Solution

Menco provides a Digital Door Phone Solution, which consits of a small camera and multiple wall mount or desktop display units. The system is scalable for usage with multiple cameras and display units, which would be required when installed in multiple flats of residential complexes.

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Applications are:

  • Single Home Door Phone with convinient placement of display units within the apartment (e.g. in a bed room and / or near the door)
  • Office Door Phone
  • Apartment Building Door Phone System


The following features are included in Menco's reference design

General Features:

  • Digital Image Compression for Door Phones
  • No Noise and Loss of Image Quality as happen in Analog Systems
  • Uses 315 MHz / 433 MHz Bands
  • Can log Image / Video Data
  • Logged Image and Video Data may be downloaded to a PC


Camera Features:

  • Spyhole Size
  • Can be controlled by existing Bell Button
  • Can cecognize Door Event automatically and start recording
  • Transmitting in 315 MHz Band or 433 MHz Band
  • 10mW RF Output Power
  • May be connected to long distance coxial bus systems


Screen Features:

  • TFT LCD 3.5 inch, 320 x 240 x RGB Pixels, 24 Bit Color
  • TFT LCD 4.3 inch, 480 x 272 x RGB Pixels, 18 Bit Color
  • TFT LCD 7 inch, 800 x 480 x RGB Pixels, 24 Bit Color
  • Comes as Desktop or Wall Mount Device
  • USB Interface to backup Image Data
  • Additional Widgets available (e.g. Alarm Clock)


Other Features:

  • External Power Supply (usally 9 ... 36VDC)
  • PC Application for downloading of Image Data


Customizable Features:

  • Different Camera Sizes
  • Additional IR LEDs for Camera
  • Different Screen Sizes and Resolutions
  • Size of Event Logging Memory
  • Additional Widgets on Display Units
  • Remote Door Opening
  • Web and LAN Interface
  • GSM Interface
  • Different Frequency Bands
  • > 10mW RF Output Power (Extended Range)
  • PC Application
  • Serial Interface
  • PCB Design / Shape
  • Plastics Enclosures
  • User Manual
  • Packing and Labeling


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