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Voice Dialer Solution

Menco's Voice dialer soultion provides functionality to send automated voice messages via a land line. A SIM card, like it is used with the GSM systems, is not required. Multiple trigger source are possible: Input, Microphone Level, Panic Button or Remote Controls. The system automatically dials and sends the pre-recorded voice message in case of an alarm. It consits of a base station with keyboard and LED display, which is connected to the public telephone line or a telephone exchange and multiple small 315 / 433 MHz Remote Controls. The programmable Entry- / Exit-Timing allows the user to easily bulid a simple alarm system.

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Applications are:

  • Simple Security systems for homes, shops or offices
  • Add-On for existing Security Systems
  • Emergency Call Systems


The following features are included in Menco's reference design

General Features:

  • Dials andr sends voice messages to up to 8 different phone numbers 
  • Supports up to 24 digits per number 
  • Provides multiple dial attempts 
  • Supports up to 8 Panic Buttons simoultaneously
  • 20s total message length: 1 x 4s standard voice message, 8 x 2s individual voice messages


Base Station Features:

  • Supports Tone (DTMF) and Pulse Dialing
  • Supports PABX Systems
  • Internal microphone used for recording voice messages (triggering optional)
  • One 7- segment LED Display and two LEDs to indicate the operating mode
  • 20 keys for programming, arming and disarming, painc alarm, pin numbers
  • 20s voice message
  • Terminal Input for external supply of 9V ... 16V DC


Remote Control Features:

  • 433 MHz for European and Chinese market
  • 315 MHz for US market
  • 10mW max. RF output power
  • Can be carried on key chain or be fixed to table
  • Internal LED indicates Transmitting
  • Internal battery can last more than one year
  • Water Proof


Customizable Features:

  • Additional Inputs and Outputs if required on Base Unit
  • Additional Buttons and Functionality on Base Unit
  • A different voice message timing and count
  • > 8 Remote Controls per Base Station possible if required
  • Programming (User Mode and Installer Mode)
  • PCB Design / Shape of Base Unit and / or Remote Controls
  • Different frequency ranges of Remote Controls
  • > 10mW output power (extended range) of Remote Controls
  • Display and Keyboard
  • Plastics Enclosure of base station and Remote Controls
  • Adaption to specific applications (industrial, security, automation)
  • User Manual
  • Packing and Labeling


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